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By Jane Taylor (1806)

TWINKLE, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

When the blazing sun is gone,
When he nothing shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.

Then the trav'ller in the dark,
Thank you for your tiny spark,
He could not see which way to go,
If you did not twinkle so.

In the dark blue sky you keep,
And often thro' my curtains peep,
For you never shut your eye,
Till the sun is in the sky.

'Tis your bright and tiny spark,
Lights the trav'ller in the dark:
Tho' I know not what you are,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

Twinkle, twinkle little star’ is such a familiar rhyme for children, that we often forget the fact that it has a named author – Jane Taylor (1783-1824). The charm and originality of ‘The Star’ surely lies in Jane Taylor’s ability to express a tenderness in the relationship between mother and baby as they look at the night sky together.

*Google Translation Version

Oleh Jane Taylor (1806)

Twinkle, twinkle, bintang kecil,
Bagaimana saya bertanya-tanya apa Anda!
Di atas dunia begitu tinggi,
Seperti sebuah berlian di langit.

Ketika matahari terik hilang,
Ketika dia tidak ada yang bersinar,
Maka Anda menunjukkan sedikit cahaya Anda,
Twinkle, twinkle, sepanjang malam.

Lalu trav'ller dalam kegelapan,
Terima kasih atas percikan kecilmu,
Dia tidak bisa melihat ke mana harus pergi,
Jika Anda tidak bersinar begitu.

Di langit biru gelap yang Anda jaga,
Dan sering melalui tirai gorden saya,
Karena kamu tidak pernah menutup matamu,
Sampai matahari ada di langit.

Ini percikan terang dan kecilmu,
Menyalakan trav'ller dalam kegelapan:
Tho 'Aku tidak tahu siapa kamu,
Twinkle, twinkle, bintang kecil.

*(My) Revised Version

Oleh Jane Taylor (1806)

Kelap-kelip bintang kecil
Betapa ku ingin tahu seperti apa dirimu
Jauh tinggi di angkasa
Indah bagai permata

Saat terik matahari sirna
Dan tak terlihat lagi
Kau datang bersinar terang
Menerangi sang malam

Pelancong tersesat dalam kegelapan
Terima kasih atas percikan mungil mu
Mereka tak akan tau kemana harus melangkah
Bila kau tak menyinarinya

Dalam gelap langit malam kau berjaga
Dan kadang mengintip melalui tirai jendela
Kau tak pernah terpejam
Sampai matahari terbit keesokannya 

Sinar dan percikan-percikan kecilmu
Menerangi pelancong di malam hari
Meskipun ku tak tahu seperti apa dirimu
Kelap-kelip bintang kecil ku

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This article is dedicated to answer on all my friends who questioning me, why 22-ish girl still watching My Little Pony? Isn’t that show for eight year old girls? Well, kind of. Though we suppose My Little Pony was initially geared towards young girls, it has branched into something new. So here are the reasons why I love My Little Pony:


It’s rather funny that the character are more relatable then most of the ones in “adult shows” on TV. For that simple reason, well, all characters in my little pony have normal people problems, not extraordinary people problems. I have a real hard time with a lot of ‘adult’ shows, because they more or less just rely on love-relationship, violence, politics and money for the story. And well. I don’t care most of them. A lot of character in TV are pretty unlikable to boot. In the other side, my little pony more or less has people you know as the characters, only they are candy colored equines - with magic. Besides, each character on my little pony also has their own unique characteristics to remember, e.g. Pinkie Pie is so random and she makes everybody laugh, Twilight is hilarious when she goes insane over small things, and Rarity always freaks out when something bad happens. Furthermore, we can say My Little Pony is probably has some of the best representations of female characters on television. These ponies are complicated, they break stereotypes and never rely on men to come in and save the day. They do not fit into feminine stereotypes nor are they all masculine.


Are you a good friend? Really? Would your friends describe you as a good friend? Honestly, I used to be like Twilight Sparkle who don’t have any friends but after I watch the show, My Little Pony teaches a lot of lessons about friendship which some that adults can barely grasp. For instance, be appreciative of what your friends do for you (Suited for Success, Season 1, Episode 14), trusting your friend’s instincts (Feeling Pinky Keen, Season 1, Episode 16) and it’s ok to turn down invitations to events (Too Many Pinky Pies, Season 3, Episode 3). And besides learning lessons about friendship there are also basic life lessons throughout the show.  

Moreover, the show is also very smart! People who don’t watch the show don’t get this. Most children’s shows have pretty straightforward moral messages. For instance “share,” “don’t play with matches,” “don’t microwave kittens.” But My Little Pony is different and takes on very morally complicated situations. It challenges xenophobia (Season 1, Episode 9), takes on colonialism (Season 1, Episode 21) and bullying (Season 3, Episode 4). The ponies end up in situations that don’t seem to have easy answers. Sure there are some of episodes that beat you with the moral. But most of them actually have pretty good morals which not showed it directly or blunt.

3.      MUSIC

The songs of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are incredibly catchy (I even played the theme song on my mind while I was writing this). Music is a large element of the show and is often used to move along the storyline. But the music is also a lot of fun. Pinky Pie is often found bursting into song; singing about cupcakes, laughing at danger and about how bison and ponies should get along. Other songs are used to explain situations and almost all of the characters sing their own songs at some point within the series.


I SAVE THE BEST OF THE LAST! If you don't like Fluttershy, she will MAKE you love her.  The biggest reason why I love to watch my little pony is because of her! She is one of character in my little pony who has kind heart, very timid, and shy. She takes care of the animals and can communicate with them. Why I really love her than other ponies?

First, she is adorable. Sure, Fluttershy's face is simply so adorable, your body instantly gives you a new and untested type of diabetes that makes your blood into liquid hot chocolate and your hearth into melted butter.

Second, I love her personality. Fluttershy has been a very shy pony. But, she basically is the pony with the most hidden talents and powers, and is quite frankly like the Superman of ponies, with the ability to stare anyone down, gain immense verbal, and physical power when needed. With a big temper she can grow mad and can stand up to dragons! She was brave enough and kind to discord and that made me feel perfect on the inside. So yeah when you look at Fluttershy, at first, we’ll see the shyest weakest mare in town, but when some pony messes with her friends, she will not hesitate to yell at you.

Third, she is my role model. She has helped me calm my anger, live my life with full of kindness, and learning from her is very great. She is really something to admire! Fluttershy is a 9 out of a 10.

All and all, I hope that I have achieved my noble goals of telling you why I love my little pony so much and I hope I can educate you it’s not wrong to watch animated TV shows even on your last 20 years old. When life gives me lemon, My Little Pony is like my cotton candy. Something infectiously light and fun – sweet and clean, and fluffy as well.

"Friendship is all about kindness, loyalty, honesty, laughter, generosity, and magic to make it all complete" - My Little Pony

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REVIEW BOOK (RESENSI BUKU) - THE BOOK OF BUNNIES (Kumpulan Kisah Kelinci Kecil) by Arleen A.

Judul : THE BOOK OF BUNNIES (Kumpulan Kisah Kelinci Kecil)

Penulis : Arleen A.

Penerbit : Bhuana Ilmu Populer

Cetakan : Januari, 2018

Tebal : 204 halaman

Harga : Rp125.000

ISBN : 978-602-394-454-5

Who doesn’t like bunnies? Dari anak kecil sampai orang tua, semua pasti suka hewan kecil yang lucu dan menggemaskan ini. Kelinci yang biasanya kita tahu sebagai hewan berbulu dan punya telinga panjang itu diubah menjadi kelinci yang punya kisah-kisah seru untuk disimak 😎

Bilingual Children’s literature ini berisi sepuluh kisah kelinci yang lucu. Beberapa cerita yang mengesankan dan menarik seperti Brenda si kelinci yang mengagumi ekor panjangnya dan Bob si kelinci pesulap. Lalu ada Ray, si kelinci yang tinggal di bulan, hingga ada seekor kelinci yang berpetualang ke kota dan mengira bus adalah hewan besar yang baik karena memberi tumpangan kepada makhluk lainnya. I guarantee all those story are interesting to read, especially for children 😍

Uniknya, semua cerita di buku ini diawali dengan frasa One nice spring morning/evening/night yang diterjemahkan menjadi suatu pagi/sore/malam yang indah di musim semi. Menurut saya hal itu cukup mengesankan, karena hal itu bisa menjadi ciri khas buku ini dan saya seperti membayangkan bahwa kelinci-kelinci yang ada didalam buku tersebut hidup di musim semi setiap hari 😂

Disamping itu, karena ini adalah buku cerita bilingual (dua bahasa), yaitu bahasa Indonesia dan bahasa Inggris, maka saya cukup tertarik untuk memperhatian bagaimana penulis menerjemahkan gagasan satu cerita ke dalam dua bahasa (that’s why I choose this book to be my undergraduate thesis object 😁). Singkatnya, saya melihat banyak sekali reduction beberapa kata atau frasa yang tidak diterjemahkan lengkap dari Indonesia ke Inggris atau sebaliknya. Contohnya:

And because he was already old, he was looking for an apprentice to take over as the Moon Bunny
Dan karena dia sudah tua, dia sedang mencari seorang penerus (p.43).

You see, two long ears were cute
Sepasang telinga panjang memang lucu (p.106).

Namun demikian, alur cerita masih bisa dimengerti dan arti kata yang ingin disampaikan masih equivalent atau sepadan. 

Selain keunikan frasa one nice spring disetiap awal ceritanya, ilustrasi dalam buku ini juga menjadi kelebihan dalam buku ini. Ilustrasi yang ditampilkan sangat bagus, penuh warna dan sangat mewakili alur cerita . Saya yakin anak-anak akan tertarik untuk membaca buku cerita ini karena gambar-gambar disetiap halamannya yang menarik dan lucu. 😍
Tetapi salah satu kekurangan buku ini adalah, dari kesepuluh cerita yang ditulis, ada beberapa cerita yang kurang menarik dan tidak punya karakter kuat sehingga pembaca akan mudah lupa atau bosan. Seperti, cerita terakhir dalam buku ini, yang berjudul the best birthday cake ever (kue ulang tahun terbaik), menurut saya cerita tersebut sudah sangat biasa yaitu tentang seekor kelinci yang ingin memberi kue ulang tahun kepada ibunya, bahkan mungkin di buku-buku cerita lain sudah sering memuat tema tersebut. 😔

Namun dibalik itu semua, buku ini tentunya sangat bermanfaat untuk para pembaca, terutama anak-anak. Karena semua cerita mengandung nilai moral nya masing-masing, seperti rasa bersyukur dan saling tolong-menolong. Buku ini juga bisa sebagai salah satu media untuk belajar bahasa inggris dengan cara menyenangkan. Saya memberi nilai 8/10 untuk membaca buku ini. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐